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Who is Vaisesika Dasa?

About The Author

Discover what inspired Vaisesika Dasa’s spiritual journey as he recounts the pivotal moments that shaped his passion for sharing Bhakti Yoga with the world.

Vaisesika recalls being intrigued by the mysteries of life as a young boy, but feeling frustrated in his attempts to make sense out of it all. As he searched for answers, nothing satisfied his thirst for wisdom – until his life took an unexpected turn as a teenager.

Disillusioned with the depth of knowledge offered by popular culture, Vaisesika renounced worldly pursuits and became a monk at the age of fifteen.

Vaisesika’s Story

When I was a child, I was deeply curious about the mystery of life. Trying to wrap my mind around it, I would sometimes ask my parents about the reasons for death. They thought that because I was so young, I shouldn’t worry about it. But, I did.

I remember looking up at the night sky, asking my big brother, “What’s on the other side?” He couldn’t say but I wanted to know more than anything. By the time I was in high school, although I went to classes, I frequently questioned the value of my studies if they didn’t lead me to answer my two most burning questions:

“What is the purpose of life?

And, “Why must I die?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Four Questions provides practical tools for developing a robust spiritual practice in today’s modern world, where setbacks can naturally discourage us.

Who is this book for?

From the curious, to the philosophically-inclined, to the seekers who deeply ponder life’s biggest mysteries, The Four Questions leads the reader to the Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Srimad-Bhagavatam, and other books by Srila Prabhupada.

How will this book change my life?

The Four Questions is your companion for a deeper more fulfilling life.

What will I learn in this book?

The book draws on the timeless wisdow of the Vedas to cut through the weeds of disttraction and empower your personal development. Use the tools in this book daily for consistent inner growth, peace of mind, and deeper relationships.

How much will this book cost?

Affordable wholesale pricing with a high-quality design.

Where will this book be shipped?

Comming soon!

What other books are available?

The highly poplular book Our Family Business by Vaisesika Dasa 

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With so much flooding our daily feeds, it can be hard to focus; let alone feel encouraged enough to ask the right questions in pursuit of a deeper purpose.

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"His guidance from the ancient literature will help you uncover a true self and this world in a completely new way."

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"The Four Questions empowers the individual to seek out and divulge their true, eternal happiness."

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"In our rapidly advancing tech-driven world, the wisdom of these timeless questions isn't just enlightening—it's essential."