The Four Questions

A Pathway to Inner Peace

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“The quality of your questions determines
the quality of your life.”

Lijie Zhou

Site Reliability Engineer at Gusto

"His guidance from the ancient literature will help you uncover a true self and this world in a completely new way."

Kennedy Cartwright

Community-Driven Marketing Specialist
and Freelance Writer

"The Four Questions empowers the individual to seek out and divulge their true, eternal happiness."

Mayank Agrawal

Systems Engineer at Google and Yoga Teacher

"In our rapidly advancing tech-driven world, the wisdom of these timeless questions isn't just enlightening—it's essential."

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What Are The Four Questions?

The Four Questions provides practical tools for developing a robust spiritual practice in today’s modern world.

1. What is my purpose?

When your purpose is clear, you have a foundation for your life.

2. How may I be of service?

Selfless service means doing something favorable for someone else without seeking credit for doing it.

3. What is the lesson?

Ask, “What is the lesson,” to water the seed of success found in failure.

4. Where am I investing my attention?

The quality of your attention determines the quality of your relationships.


“When you ask a question,
you embark on a journey.”


Vaisesika Dasa

Vaisesika Dasa is a veteran bhakti yogi, author, and former monk who has dedicated his life to helping people find happiness and fulfillment through the ancient wisdom of the Bhakti tradition.

With over 50 years of experience as a spiritual guide and mentor, Vaisesika Dasa has inspired countless people to live more conscious, meaningful lives and deepen their connection with the divine.

Vaisesika is a gifted speaker and teacher, known for his clear and concise explanations of complex spiritual concepts, and his ability to bring ancient wisdom to life that is accessible to modern audiences.


“The most important journey in your life begins when you dare to ask big questions.”

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